9 Lead Magnet Ideas for Coaches

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Coaches can use lead magnets to entice potential clients and expand their email lists by making an alluring offer. It’s a technique for giving something of value upfront in exchange for someone’s contact details, like their email address. Coaches can use the following 9 lead magnet concepts to expand their businesses:

1.  Webinars

Offer your audience a free webinar or video series that is valuable. It might be a seminar or workshop that delves into a particular coaching-related subject.

If used properly, these can be great tools for growing lists. The problem with this, though, is that if the training is provided in real-time, you only have a limited amount of time to advertise it. With other lead magnets, you can collect new subscribers forever while they remain on your website, but with a live video, you can only do so until the day of the training.

2. eBooks

Make an e-book or a guide that addresses a particular issue or subject that interests your target audience. It could be an e-book or a collection of blog posts in the form of a PDF.

The guide is simple to misunderstand. Particularly, a lot of people create these that are far too long. This is not about writing an entire guide on a particular subject. You only need to provide the reader with one important how-to.

3. Quiz

Tests and assessments have an opt-in rate of up to 40%, which makes them excellent lead magnets. Many of us take pleasure in discovering more about our individual characteristics, personality quirks, and the motivations behind particular behaviors. A quiz or assessment also typically has brief or multiple-choice answers, so finishing it doesn’t feel too time-consuming or challenging.

Quizzes are incredibly effective at generating leads. They can significantly increase the size of your email list, so you might think about including them in your lead magnet plan. People are naturally curious about themselves and like to learn interesting facts about themselves. There are many quiz makers available, and creating quizzes is simple.

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4. Worksheets

Provide a worksheet that will assist prospective clients in determining their goals and creating a strategy for achieving them. This could be a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your coaching abilities and demonstrate how you can support them in achieving their objectives.

One of the simplest lead magnets to make, but that doesn’t make it a boring lead magnet. A checklist or worksheet is actually a very useful tool because it enables you to explain your thought process and mindset regarding a subject.

5. Cheatsheets

An easy-to-follow breakdown of how to approach a particular topic or solve a particular problem is provided to subscribers with a cheat sheet. It typically includes a brief list of items or action steps with checkboxes that users can mark off as they are finished.

Cheat sheets, however, can be a little challenging to use as a core category lead magnet because they’re typically brief and focused. They only summarize, they don’t really teach much.

6. Challenges

Especially in online business communities, challenges like 30-day productivity challenges are becoming more and more common as a lead magnet. Your target audience can get to know you much better and develop trust in you and your coaching service by participating in a challenge you host.

Running your challenge can be extremely simple—you might provide a list of daily prompts that can be downloaded, for example—or it can be more difficult. Daily emails with their task for the day and words of encouragement can be sent using automation. The process of setting up this kind of workflow is incredibly easy if you use email marketing software, such as Flodesk.

7. Free Trial

Free trials are frequently used as lead magnets because they work so well. Customers are frequently willing to share their information in exchange for the opportunity to test out a product or service for free. Free trials take very little time for businesses to conduct. Prospects can sign up on their own after you’ve set up your free trial without the help of your staff.

By integrating email marketing with your free trial, you can encourage leads to keep using your product or service. Instead of extending the free trial, you might pleasantly surprise the lead with a discounted subscription.

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8. Private Groups

Building brand awareness requires effective community management. It might be effective at producing leads. With this concept, private group access has developed into a well-liked lead magnet concept for a life coach.

A great lead magnet might be immediate entry to a closed group, such as a private Facebook group. Creating a network around your company could be a great way to win over potential customers. Additionally, it suggests that you can classify your audience according to their needs and understand them better. Then, you can create highly customized solutions to deal with their specific issues.

9. BTS Insights

You can help your clients realize their full potential as a coach. Access to videos of your coaching sessions is a powerful lead magnet that can help with that Behind The Scenes. Prospective clients will be able to see how you operate and gain knowledge about the kinds of strategies that could be useful to them.

You don’t come across insight like this every day. By providing these kinds of videos, you go beyond the role of a coach and establish yourself as someone who cares about seeing others develop through their own understanding.

In conclusion, lead magnets are a great way to draw in new customers and expand your email list. Coaches can establish trust with their audience and show that they are knowledgeable in their coaching niche by offering value upfront. To expand your coaching business, think about utilizing one or more of these lead magnet suggestions.


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