5 Reasons Why Start-ups Should Prefer WordPress Themes Over Custom Design

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Why use WordPress themes? Why not other options? Using customized and tailor-made WordPress themes for your website is a much easier and effective way to have a unique design that also reflects the idea of your business. When we are talking about start-ups, we are talking cream of the crop in terms of professionalism. At least that is the image that needs to be maintained. In today’s competitive world, having a blog for your business is essential. And for the blog to be successful, you have to present an image that leaves a perfect impression on people’s minds.

Now, What is it that a Professional has to accomplish through Blogging?

Being a start-up, he or she has to stay on people’s minds.

It isn´t necessary to blog daily. But it is important to dictate a certain timeframe within which he lets interested people get a glimpse of his proceedings.

And that is how we are getting to the part which is absolutely essential in addition to the content of the posts:

The overall design.

Every single start-up company needs to convince investors and future clients that their concept is unique.
Extreme confidence is a must and needs to be represented as such.

So what should the blog look like?

Let´s start with what it should never resemble:

Another blog

Imagine having a weblog being the official voice of your company and someone interested in sponsoring you ends up recognizing the theme from other weblogs out there.

The first impression will be that you do not take pride in your creation.
Demonstrating a vision is very important if you want to leave the right impact.

See yourself tomorrow, not just the need to get a blog up quickly.

Start writing articles, but consult a design company after getting some ideas for what your overall look should be, or simply ask the design company what they suggest based on their own experience once you let them know what your project will be about.

In addition: A start-up company´s blog posts will often be reposted with links to the original blog posts by other bloggers and webmasters who are keeping their readers up-to-date with your endeavors. As a web professional, you need the respect of other web professionals, so in that way, their voice will become an extension of your own.

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A customized WordPress design does not have to be expensive if you are aware of what the overall look should be (based on the look of your main site). But it is mandatory to have it become EXACTLY what you want it to be and not some half-hearted effort like a bridge that only leads halfway across the river and therefore turns out unusable.

Here are five reasons why start-ups must choose WordPress themes over custom designs:

Maintenance and Management

Maintaining and managing a website with these themes is very easy. The developer who has created the theme will maintain and edit them while still keeping the website functional. A custom WordPress theme ensures automatic updates and bug-fixing on its own.

No Need for Technical Knowledge

To get your start-up a well-designed and attractive design on WordPress, there is absolutely no need for any kind of technical knowledge or coding skills. This can save you a lot of time and effort as you can get the desired theme that meets all the needs of your business without having to worry about complicated codes.

Precise Design

WordPress themes are ready to use and are customized according to your business and brand’s ideas and needs. It gives you exactly what you have in your mind without wasting any of your time and resources. From eCommerce to business to even blogs for your travel adventures, you name it and WordPress has it.

Security and Safety

Since you are a start-up, you might want to launch a website that is safe and secured for customers or users to trust in your business. Making use of a customized theme from WordPress will ensure you a high sense of security to your website as the service provider will be already aware of every tool and element used in developing the theme.

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Built-in SEO features

Choosing a customized theme in WordPress will boost your SEO. Being a start-up, you must focus on getting good search engine results as it will increase your visibility among potential customers. An attractive platform that is formulated on lean coding with minimum features, it creates an SEO-compliant website that can reach the maximum targeted audience.


These are a few of many reasons when you wonder ‘why use WordPress themes?’. Custom themes in WordPress are a good option if you are a start-up. It is cost-effective, easy to use and maintain, secured, and gives you a great start!

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