Why Social Media is Critical for Your SEO & Rankings

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The role of social media in SEO is unknown and overlooked by many. Even though social media does not contribute to SEO rankings directly, the links of articles or blog posts that you share across social media platforms increase brand exposure to a certain level.

According to a 2018 study by Hootsuite, SEO results of articles with top social shares gained an average 22% boost during the course of the study.

Upping your SEO game is important as it increases your visibility in search engines. With a lot of competition now arising in search engine result pages, you must take the required efforts to make your website secure a higher rank.

Social media influences search engine optimization in these six ways:

1.      Vast content distribution

2.      Longer lifespan of your posts

3.      Improve and increase online visibility and organic traffic

4.      Increase brand recognition

5.      Adds to brand reputation

6.      Boosts local SEO

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Social media marketing involves making the most out of social networks and getting people to find you on them. Nowadays, social networks are turning into search engines while search engines are becoming more social. An effective social media strategy and a convincing SEO plan go hand in hand.

Here are three reasons you should focus on your social media if you want to enhance your SEO results:

1.      Social media content gets indexed

Posting social media content regularly can make a huge difference to your overall digital marketing. However, not every post or tweet makes its way to Google’s vast index. It has to be relevant to the search query for it to appear on the results page. If your post on Facebook or Twitter goes viral, there are chances that it will end up on the results page much faster.

2.      Social media helps build authority

According to search engines, if your website or domain has a high value, it has high authority. The authority of a webpage grows over time and if you keep publishing good content and get more relevant backlinks, your authority keeps growing. By building an engaging network of followers on social media, your content becomes more relevant, thus gaining more authority in search engines.

3.      Social media deals with real people

SEO always deals with a more technical aspect rather than ‘real people’. It does not take into consideration factors that have a human touch. Moving beyond the technical side, search engine results now have a real-world and human touch to their content through social media.

If you search for a place to visit, you won’t be satisfied with the content that focuses on keywords or other SEO factors. You need to hear from real people and their experiences of visiting that place. And here is where social media comes into the picture.

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While talking about the role of social media in SEO, Lyfe Marketing points out that it indirectly has a positive effect on search ranking. In short, when you publish content on social media, your audience and followers further share them, and ultimately, it helps in increasing visibility, improving organic traffic, and generating backlinks.

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