3 Warning Signs That Call for an Immediate Website Makeover

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Well, why website redesign? Most people forget about their websites after they have designed and developed them once. However, that shouldn’t be the case for your website if you still want sales and conversions from your business’s website. Websites require regular and continuous management, maintenance, and redesign. Your website must be up to date both in its look and functionality.

When do you know it is time for you to hire the web designer again?

You must have not realized this yet, but your website is asking you to give it a new touch. If you cannot hear your website’s plea, here are three important signs that call for an immediate website makeover:

Your Site takes too long to load

This is probably one of the biggest signs that says you need to redesign your website.

According to a study from Nielsen Norman, 1.0 seconds is about the limit of a user’s tolerance when it comes to page load speeds and anything over 2.0 seconds means they’re likely to leave the page.

Along with this, Google also uses page load speed as a critical factor in ranking pages. So, if your site is going to take longer than a second or two to load, you can lose people and also lank row in search engine result pages.

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Your Site is hard to use on mobile devices

It is the age of mobile phones and if your website is not mobile-friendly, then you are way back in the list of other money-making websites. The majority of browsing and website conversions take place on mobile devices and if your website is not properly optimized for mobile use, it is highly likely for your site to lose business and visibility. Just like page load speed, mobile functionality also plays an important role in search engine rankings.

Your Website is not contributing to business

If you believe that your website is well-designed and has the potential to be a great marketing asset but still end up with zero or fewer conversions, leads, and/or sales, it is time you stop believing so. This may either be due to low traffic from search engines or visitors not converting from your site. Either one of these reasons is a good sign to redesign your website.

If your question was ‘why website redesign?’, you now know to look out for these signs on a regular basis to find out. After all, redesigning your website means giving a new shape and scope to your business.

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