7 Instant & Ultimate Hacks to Increase e-commerce Sales

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If you are in the ecommerce business, you need to be well aware of e-commerce marketing hacks .When it comes to e-commerce sales, they completely rely on digital marketing and online sales. A business is considered successful based on how well it sells. No matter big or small, increasing sales is the primary aim of almost all businesses.

To boost your sales rate, you don’t have to take any spectacular marketing measures that will cost you a fortune. Instead, you can focus on small yet very useful tricks and hacks that will instantly increase your sales.

Mentioned below are seven e-commerce marketing hacks to maximize your sales:

1. Focus on cross-selling

A technique used by many e-commerce sites, cross-selling prompts customers to spend some extra money and buy products that will benefit their existing purchase. For example, if a customer buys pillows from your e-commerce site, you can try selling them pillow covers and bedspreads that could go with it. This way, you make an extra sale while adding value to the customer’s purchase at the same time.

2. Provide incentives for newsletter sign-ups

Newsletters ensure follow-up marketing after a sale is made. Unfortunately, not many subscribe to eCommerce newsletters. However, you can use this opportunity to provide first-time customers with discounts or offers if they decide to sign-up for your newsletter. This way, it’s a win-win.

But make sure you don’t annoy your customer by constantly prompting them to subscribe to your newsletter right from the beginning.

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3. Feature customer testimonials

Your e-commerce business might be doing great in sales and customer satisfaction. But what is the use of it if you don’t let your potential customers know this? To build trust and improve your brand’s credibility, you must show off customer feedback and reviews on your site. Don’t worry about including a negative review on your site. It will show your customers that you are transparent and have nothing to hide.

In today’s world, satisfied customers are considered more influential than any sales copy or advertisement.

4. Make the checkout process easy and quick

According to Business Insider, approximately $4 Trillion worth of online merchandise was abandoned in incomplete shopping carts last year alone, of which 63% was potentially recoverable.

Now, this is a shocking statistic that tells us why we need to improve our checkout process. If you have a registration form that insists customers to create an account before they checkout, you have to remove that immediately. Reducing friction in your checkout process will make a huge impact on your conversion rates. If you need to make good sales, make it easier for customers to actually buy from your e-commerce site.

5. Focus on mobile optimization

Not every customer visits your website from a desktop. In fact, most of them browse through e-commerce websites through mobile phones, and ultimately, that is where the sales happen.

Make it as easy as possible for customers to look and find what they want, from their mobile phones. Optimize your site for mobile devices with utmost care and expert advice. Make navigation easier, ensure the page loading speed is fast and focus on user experience.

Amazon is said to be one of the best examples of how mobile e-commerce can and should be done.

6. Invest in quality images

A study by Charles Spence from Oxford University once revealed that well-presented food tends to taste better than a poorly plated dish. Likewise, customers tend to get more interested in your products if they look great. Invest in quality product images and include well-lit and aesthetically appealing images for better sales.

Especially when it comes to e-commerce and online stores, customers entirely trust the product based upon the images you put up. So regardless of what you sell, always prioritize clicking the best shots of your products.

7. Offer a returns and refunds policy

Oftentimes, what stops a customer from purchasing your products is that of financial risk. The fear of a potential loss, a product not working properly or the delivery of a damaged product will stop customers from buying from your site.

And to be honest, it is a valid fear.

To stop this fear from being a hurdle in your sales, you can offer your customers a bulletproof refund and returns policy. The more risk you remove from the customer’s decision, the more likely they will buy from you.

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With a lot of new e-commerce sites coming up, it might seem hard to make an impression and increase sales. However, with these above-mentioned e-commerce marketing hacks and a little effort and advice, you too can increase your sales by a huge amount. Whatever measure you take, always remember to put your customers first. That is the key to a good e-commerce website that sells.

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