25 Examples of Impressive & Profitable Coaches’ About Pages & Why

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Your about page is a chance to tell the visitor a bit about you and your story. You can include personal interests, stories, and photos that give them a taste of what working with you might be like. You may also include information about your missions, achievements, and process. Since these pages are personal to you and your business, the structure will vary based on what you want to highlight.

Here is some example of impressive “about” pages:

Rich Litvin

The clear header with a clear message. He used short and punchy phases to describe his life, his struggles, and his journey to a great coach.

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The Coach: Rich Litvin is the co-author of the iconic book Prosperous Coach. He has been coached by Olympic athletes and serial entrepreneurs. Rich also founded a leadership consultancy for world leaders based in Los Angeles and London, who are clients include Presidential candidates and Hollywood film directors.

Kara Gaisie

There are two key aspects to Kara’s “about” page. First, she speaks to her target market in a way that touches their hearts and clicks with their minds. Second, she turns her expertise into a niche in a very clear, concise way.

Sections like this in her about page are very eye-catching:

Kara Gaisie

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Coach name: Kara Gaisie.

Alan Melton

This coaching “about” page is different than others, it’s straight to the point with results.

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Coach name: Alan Melton.

Geoff Welch

The About page is great. There’s a striking picture of Geoff on the right side, and personal details to the left: “I’m a husband, a father, a Yankee fan, a drummer, a speaker, and a performance coach who is really, really, intensely passionate about helping people do their most important work.”

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Coach name: Geoff Welch, performance coach.

Tammy Lally

Tammy discusses her brother’s history with mental health, including his suicide. It’s clear throughout the conversation that Tammy is extremely passionate about helping others have a better life like the one she has. She divided the life story, inspiration, appreciation, and her process of work clearly.

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Coach name: Tammy Lally, financial coach.

Jacquette Timmons

Jacquette does a good job of drawing in the reader with descriptions that create curiosity. Though not the slickest, she has strong copy throughout the site and her personality shines through. There are also many compelling photos on the page that show off Jacquette’s personality.

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Coach Name: Jacquette Timmons, finance coach.

Kelly Keelan

To begin with, her page is visually attractive. The header starts with a statement that speaks of experience. She explained all her expertise, her struggles, and what she can offer well-defined points and subpoints and at the end topped it off with a call to action button.

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Coach Name: Kelly Keelan, health coach.


She highlighted the main point before explaining the whole story. She has two call-to-action buttons on her page, one to learn more about Ayurveda and another to subscribe.

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Coach Name: Sabrina, health coach.

Stop Binge Eating

Her site name has a clear message about her work we can tell. Her “about” page is a journey that you can relate to and at the end, she gave you the choice to take your decision through a call to action button. The particular design and color palate make it more appealing.

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Jacob Sokol

The power of a shocking statement always hits the spot. A touching story will make people care about your service and why it’s essential. Good stories stick in people’s minds and are more likely to be passed on. Having a well-written “about us” page will help potential clients connect with the story of your business. A clear, emotional story can convey that you’re someone real without having to show their face. This “about us” page is an excellent example of how this is done.

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Coach Name: Jacob Sokol, life coach.

Dorothy Ab Jhonson

One of the things most people find is that they are more likely to trust human beings who have friendly and kind tones. This About Us page uses a great mix of colors, and personality to stay true to the mood set by the coach’s mission statement.

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Coach Name: Dorothy Ab Jhonson, relationship coach.

Gabby Bernstein

When you visit her “about” page, you will be greeted with a bold list of achievements and an engaging photo. As you scroll down, you’ll find more of her work and some samples explaining how she operates. That’s because it gives visitors an instant sample of her work, which is a great way to engage them.

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Coach Name: Gabby Bernstein, spiritual coach.

Tania Mendes

Short and simple and clear with her mission. Her simple yet polished language effectively communicates with her offerings. Starting with her achievements, then the story, then her mission and to top it all a call to action button along with appealing color.

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Coach Name: Tania Mendes, career coach.

Atousa Raissyan

This page is beautiful and unique with its color scheme and engaging photo of Atousa Raissyan. Not only she explains her story and passion on her page but also gave a variety of call-to-action options for potential clients to take their next step.

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Coach Name: Atousa Raissyan, transformational coach.

Alyse Parker

The whole page’s aesthetic is calming, you can tell that at the first glance. Short and punchy but still focusing on the main mission.

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Eva Redpath

This one is unique that others, cause her about page is named Eva, her own name and she used a poem to describe her passion and beliefs. Her life, passion, work process, achievements, gorgeous graphics, everything is there.

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Coach Name: Eva Redpath, Life coach.

Amber Haider

A Statement like this always makes you curious to scroll more to get the answer. This is a smart way to start your “about” page.

And after explaining everything about herself she ended her section with you to decide to take the next step.

Amber Haider

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Coach Name: Amber Haider, As a life coach, Amber has helped many women learn to put themselves first in order to reduce their stress levels and self-sacrificing tendencies.

Ami Summers

The branding and design on Ami’s “about” page are warm, inviting, and professional. The design catches your eye immediately. You look at the about page to find out more about her experience, and you’re impressed with what you see. Her copy is concise and insightful – it’s clear she’s an experienced business coach.

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Coach Name: Ami Summers, As a business and leadership coach, Ami helps entrepreneurs develop their creative skills into powerful assets for their businesses.

Ann van de Perre

Clear design and a clear message. Ann’s business is easy to find and understand, which means you know that she offers leadership coaching. Not only that, but the page is professional-looking and her list of high-profile clients proves how much experience she has. For business leaders who want to reach the top and make an impact, Ann’s “about” page would make a great first impression.

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Coach Name: Ann van de Perre, Anne is a leadership coach who helps high-achievers get to the top of their profession while also working towards having a lasting impact.

Becca Tracey

You can tell that Becca really wants you to feel like you’re communicating with a real person when you visit her website. She writes in an easy-to-read, chatty style and uses imagery to convey what she’s trying to say.

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Coach Name: Becca Tracey, Becca is a successful business coach for solopreneurs, which means she helps them start and maintain their own businesses. She also coaches them to help them win new clients.

Chris Mifsud

He has a great “about” page that demonstrates his platform in an engaging way. The copy is creative with a great choice of fonts, imagery, and visuals. It really speaks to who Chris is as a coach and why you should invest in his services. The personality in his brand is energizing! The game theme all over the page makes it stand out.

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Coach Name: Chris Mifsud, Chris is a business and leadership coach who works with leaders in the video game industry to help them grow their people.

The call to action pop-up gives an extra point.

Chris Mifsud

Fiona Ross

Fiona Ross Coaching for Men is a website that helps men succeed in their careers, family lives, and relationships. On her website, Fiona gets straight to the point about her business and who it’s for. Plus, she uses only minimal words while still being clear and easy to understand.

Images on Fiona’s page follow her brand perfectly, making the page super engaging even without a ton of text.

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Coach Name: Fiona Ross, Fiona is a coach for struggling men who are having trouble living up to the expectations of what it means to be male. She also works with men coping with anxiety and burnout.

Heather Frazier

Heather does such a good job introducing herself. I think what’s most impressive is her About Me section, where she says “I get it” to make tired and stressed parents feel seen. Little touches like this make Heather stand out among other therapists.

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Coach Name: Heather Frazier, Heather specializes in helping parents overcome the guilt they feel, and she will help you improve your relationship with your teenager or young adult.

Jennifer Sakowski

Confident messaging and branding can do wonders for your business. Jen’s website is a perfect example of this principle. From the photography, copy, and use of the font, Jen is clear about her brand. And it was exactly what her target audience will want.

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Coach Name: Jennifer Sakowski, Jen is a female business coach who helps ambitious women achieve entrepreneurial clarity and find the balance between work and their personal lives.

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