How to Get the Highest Email Open Rate for your Email Marketing Campaigns – 19 time-tested hacks and tips that work!

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One of the best ways to connect with and engage with your audience is through email marketing. Getting your emails to read and opened, however, can be difficult given the volume of emails that people receive every day. This blog post will go over tried-and-true tips and tricks that can help you increase the open rates of your emails for your email marketing campaigns.

1. Create Interesting Subject Lines

Your subject line is the first thing your subscribers will see when they open their email. Make sure to include a compelling subject line that will pique their interest and entice them to open your email.

Everyone in this digital age makes snap judgments about a book based on its cover. Your email subject line serves as the “cover” in your case. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that almost 35% of email recipients open emails solely based on the subject lines.

2. Avoid Spam Filters

Although spam filters have advanced over the past few years, they are still far from perfect. Your emails, even the best ones, may still end up in the dreaded spam folder and never leave.

You must take every precaution to prevent being marked as spam if you want to increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

3. Short and sweet emails are favorable.

Keep your emails brief and to the point, because people have short attention spans. Use bullet points and short paragraphs to make your content simple to scan.

Less is more, whether it’s in the email subject lines or email copy. Does each word enhance the information presented? If not, take it out. Repeat this cycle while editing your emails until you’ve gotten the most out of them.

4. Make Use of a Conversational Tone

Write your emails as though you are speaking to your subscribers in person. To make your emails more interesting, use an approachable and conversational tone.

Every ache and desire a customer has can be traced to an emotion. If you work as an accountant, your clients want to stop worrying about filing their taxes on time. They want to have confidence that they will receive the best return.

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5. Use Statistics and Numbers

Statistics and numbers are very popular. Utilize them to your advantage by incorporating them into the body and subject lines of your emails.

To begin with, numbers stand out against the sea of text and immediately grab your attention. The following step quantifies a previously ambiguous promise. Finally, your email gains credibility by using specific statistics. So, if you have intriguing numbers and statistics, think about including them in your email copy and subject lines.

6. Add a Little Humor

The quickest way to establish an immediate but strong connection over email is to add humor to your copy. GIFs and memes, among other rich media and content formats, have fortunately made it simpler to accomplish this goal even through emails. Therefore, you don’t necessarily need to be a stand-up comedian to connect with your audience

7. Segment Your Email List

By segmenting your email list, you can send targeted emails to subscriber groups based on their interests and usage patterns. Open rates and conversion rates may rise as a result.

Your list’s proper segmentation will enable you to effectively personalize and tailor your messages to the unique needs of your audience. When creating follow-up email campaigns, advanced list segmentation can be crucial. Say you are starting a webinar. That initial email might have been missed by some of your subscribers. By segmenting your mailing list, you can send new subscribers a registration email and existing subscribers a reminder.

8. Examine Your Email Send Times

Email send times may vary depending on the target audience. Test various send times to determine which is most effective for your audience.

The best day and time to send your emails is on Thursday between 8 and 9 am, according to our analysis of more than 10 billion emails sent through our platform. This does not imply that your email list will necessarily benefit from it, though. You must understand how your intended audience behaves when sending emails. The simplest way to do this is to use email tracking to gather data, then experiment until you find the sweet spot.

9. Make a strong call to action.

Whether you want your subscribers to read a blog post, enroll in a course, or make a purchase, make sure your emails have a clear call to action that inspires them to do so.

Your followers must understand what you want them to do next, then! To accomplish that, you must seamlessly incorporate your email design with your gorgeously designed CTA. Make what you want your users to do ridiculously clear.

10. Use Emojis

Emoji usage is frequently criticized as being inappropriate in emails. We humbly disagree. Emoji usage in emails is neither improper nor unethical. Use emojis in your emails, by all means. They convey emotion, persuade readers that they are not receiving spam emails from automated systems, and they also foster a fun, close relationship between you and your readers.

Emojis will add personality to your message and make you seem approachable if you use them in the subject line.

11. Make room for Mobile.

On their mobile devices, most people check their emails. Make sure your emails are simple to read and navigate and are optimized for mobile devices.

Between 2020 and 2022, email open rates on mobile devices rose by 23%, and as we move towards a multi-screen, multi-device society, these figures are expected to soar. So, before sending any text, optimize and preview it.

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12. Utilize A/B testing

You can test various iterations of your emails using A/B testing to see which ones perform better. To increase open rates, experiment with different subject lines, email content, and call to action.

The holy grail of personalized email marketing advice is a split test or A/B test. It adds certainty and gets rid of all the speculation from your marketing campaign. Use it to consistently look for ways to sharpen your marketing abilities and increase your open rates

13. Make use of urgency and scarcity

Your subscribers may be more likely to act if you convey a sense of urgency and scarcity. In your subject lines and email content, use words like “limited time offer” or “only a few spots left.”

The people who open your emails, click through or even share their content are your best brand ambassadors. Look for ways to thank them for their time, loyalty, and engagement by providing exclusive discounts and deals.

14. Integrate Social Media

Increase engagement and reach by incorporating social media into your email marketing campaigns. To encourage subscribers to follow you on social media, including social media icons in your emails.

This email campaign is excellent for promoting your social media accounts. Additionally, the ideal social media marketing trick for growing your mailing list. To put your cross-promotional efforts on autopilot, you can always add social media buttons to the bottom of your email.

15. Clearly state the Sender’s name.

Make sure the subscribers can easily recognize your name and address. By doing this, you can improve open rates and prevent spam filters from flagging your emails.

A popular email marketing tip for 2023 is to use a non-generic email address and a real person’s name in the sender field. It gives the email more credibility and enables you to establish a more personal connection with your email recipients.

16. Keep your Consistency

To increase brand recognition and trust among your subscribers, use consistent branding throughout all of your email marketing campaigns.

Not everything should be consistent, including the brand voice. Each component of your email marketing campaign should fit together like a puzzle piece. To meet the expectations of the recipients, the subject lines, email copy, social media handle, and even landing pages should all be consistent.

17. Reward your Subscribers

Who doesn’t enjoy free things? They serve as inducements to motivate people to take action.

Sending free offers, discounts, and other incentives to your subscribers will encourage them to open your emails and keep an eye out for your upcoming ones. I definitely opened this email because of the subject line.

18. Cleanse your Email list

Regularly purge inactive subscribers or those who haven’t interacted with your emails in a while from your subscriber list.

Your email marketing campaigns may reach spam thresholds set by inbox providers if there are too many bounces and invalid email addresses. Therefore, it is crucial to regularly clean your list.

19. Create a Re-Engagement Campaign.

On your list, there will be people who have completely forgotten that they ever signed up. Therefore, it’s best to remind them of the reason for your email. This is especially crucial if you don’t send it frequently.

Before removing a client’s email address from your mailing list due to low open rates, re-engagement campaigns are one last chance to win them back. Unbelievably, 12% of inactive subscribers clicked on a win-back offer.

These tricks and tips will help you improve the open rates of your email marketing campaigns and forge closer ties with your audience. Don’t forget to test and experiment with various strategies to see which is most effective for your coaching business.

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